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We have saved hundreds of businesses money on their business electricity bills by comparing every major supplier on the market. Our free service is 100% impartial and there’s no obligation.

We can find the best electric prices for your business and compare them side-by-side, allowing you to switch your supply to get the cheapest rates. Our research shows that businesses could save up to 30% by using our comparison service… That’s a lot of money that can be better placed in your company.

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Are you paying too much for business electricity? Business Electric can help you find a better deal. Here is what you need to know.

Businesses throughout the UK know that the high cost of electrici-
ty eats up a good portion of their operating budgets. At Business Electric, we understand the need to cut costs so we are here to help you understand your options. There is a way to significantly lower your business electricity bill and the first thing you should do is compare suppliers for the best tariffs in your area.

We compare hundreds of tariffs within seconds, giving you instant access to great deals. What’s more, could you ask for, you can do everything on the web! In this way, you can shop providers, pick the tax that is suitable for you and track your switch.

The power is in your grasp. Let us assist you with making large reserve funds on your business electricity.


The P272 regulation that was agreed back in
October of 2014 has come into effect.

for the Best Rates

Many of our business customers have found that by doing a quick and easy online comparison, they were able to cut their bill by £100’s each year. Not all suppliers offer the same rates when it comes to business electricity deals, so it is important to see what each has to offer – and which tariff is best for your commercial property.

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Being in business, you’ll know that suppliers only service certain areas. However, it’s important to remember that there is more than one
business electricity supplier where you are. and it is in your business’ best interest to see what each has to offer.

Also, your choices are not limited to the Big Six. They may be the most well-known, but they are not the only fish in the sea! Business Electric will help you compare rates between several suppliers that offer the best rates for your business.

From small enterprises to large corporate ventures, we know that every penny saved is a penny earned. Let us help you cut costs in order to build up your bottom line. Within just a few minutes you could find a supplier that offers rates considerably lower than you now pay.

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Business Electric FAQs

What are the best rates for business electricity?

Small organizations with normal utilization, for the most part, pay somewhere in the range of 14p and 16p per kWh in addition to a day by day standing charge. Huge organizations with higher utilization are probably going to pay somewhat less in light of their purchasing power.

Do businesses pay more for electricity?

In the event that you have a domestic energy tax, you’ll just pay 5% VAT on your vitality, while organizations normally pay 20%.

Organizations likewise need to pay the Climate Change Levy or CCL. At present this is at a pace of 0.541p per kWh for power and 0.188p per kWh for gas.

How much electricity does a business use?

Albeit most organizations use somewhere in the range of 15,000 and 25,000 kWh of electricity a year, the normal utilization and cost of vitality are distinctive relying upon the size of the business and how it utilizes the energy.

To put it plainly, the bigger the business, the more vitality it’s probably going to utilize.

Is commercial electricity more expensive than residential?

Business electricity unit costs might be less expensive than household ones in light of the measure of energy utilized, yet most business clients pay a higher rate of VAT.

Business power rates depend on your business size and power utilization. It might be determined on a fixed or a variable rate tax.

How do you calculate utility costs for your business?
  1. Analyze utility costs for a fixed time period. Utilities include gas, water, electricity, heating, oil, phone and internet service.
  2. Add the amount spent on the utility bills during that particular time frame.
    Calculate the total business expenses including labor, rent, equipment, supplies, insurance etc
  3. Divide the total business costs by utility costs. For instance, if your yearly utility expenses are $25,000 and your complete operational expense is $400,000, at that point, the portion of your utility costs form the business costs is $400,000 partitioned by $25,000, or 0.0625.
  4. Multiply the decimal amount by 100 to get the exact percentage of your utility costs. For instance, a decimal estimation of 0.0625 multiplied by 100 is 6.25 percent. This is the level of complete business costs that go to utility costs.
Why should I switch business electricity suppliers?

The normal cost of non-residential power bills expanded by 3.5% during the period of 2016 and 2017. With rates evolving periodically, comparing costs regularly is a practice that could set aside your organization’s cash.

It’s not constantly about cost, however. You may decide to switch for a smooth customer- care service or a tariff plan that suits your needs.

How much could I save by switching business electricity?

Business electricity needs vary considerably than domestic electricity consumption. Hence it is difficult to make an estimation. It will rely upon the size of your business premises, the number of individuals on location and a couple of different components.

The most ideal approach to determine what you can save is to compare the market prices.

What are the different business electricity tariff options?

Business electricity providers offer both fixed-rate and variable tariffs for electricity – yet fixed rate will, in general, be the standard as it gives organizations assurance from fluctuating costs. The disadvantage is (all things considered with residential power) that costs won’t go down if the discount cost does.

Variable tariffs mirror the market, so while you could make investment funds, you could likewise wind up paying more than you would have done on a fixed rate. Some variable tariffs enable you to switch provider with only 30-days’ notification.

In contrast to household energy, you can’t select dual fuel tariffs with business use.

Can I switch business electricity if I have more than one electricity monitor in my premises?

Electricity monitors essentially give you information about how much power is being utilized, ideally making your business more energy proficient. They are not equivalent to the smart meters and they don’t impart data to your provider. Having more than one shouldn’t keep you from switching electricity suppliers.

How do I compare business electricity suppliers?

First, you will need to answer a few questions about how much electricity your business consumes and the place you’re located. We’ll run a comparison of all the accessible power bargains dependent on what you’ve let us know. You’ll have the option to see your evaluated yearly and monthly costs dependent on 1-5 contracts, in addition to some key data about providers, similar to their eco-credentials.

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