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We Compare All The Major Business Electricity Suppliers

We have saved hundreds of businesses money on their business electricity bills by comparing every major supplier on the market. Our free service is 100% impartial and there’s no obligation.

We can find the best electric prices for your business and compare them side-by-side, allowing you to switch your supply to get the cheapest rates. Our research shows that businesses could save up to 30% by using our comparison service… That’s a lot of money that can be better placed in your company.

With an innumerable list of suppliers to choose from, we make business electricity comparison quite feasible. Over a period of years, we have become the first choice of businesses looking forward to comparing business electricity and switching over a better deal.

How to Switch Business Electricity and get the best deal

Whatever the size of your business, there are plenty of ways you could be eating up electricity, whether it’s lamps, tills, laptops, machinery or fridges.

However you use the power, you’ll need to find a supply that is efficient and does not cost the earth.

It’s always advisable to shop around for the best deal rather than simply allowing your existing contract to roll over with the same supplier, as the cost of this will creep up and up, year after year.

The way to make the energy market more competitive would be to encourage everyone to switch business electricity more often.  

Which are the best business electricity suppliers in the UK?

There are the ‘big 6’ major energy companies in the UK including British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON UK, npower, Scottish Power and SSE.

As there are so many commercial suppliers to choose from your main aim is to find the one that offers the cheapest business electricity and gas deals for your company.

Switching to a better deal is harder than it may seem. If you’re a business, your contract is set up differently to domestic ones and therefore rates will be different. It’s also worth noting that there is no option for business dual fuel tariffs. 

Which business electricity suppliers (UK)  give perks for switching?

Lots of suppliers offer perks for signing up for a new contract with them or discounts for paying for the year upfront. Some may offer price promises.

But the main thing you should be looking for when searching for a new contract, is which supplier will offer the cheapest energy, preferably on the longest tariff.

How easy is it to switch business electricity contracts?

It’s so easy. Here at Business Electric, we do the hard work for you. 

Simply use our contact form and we’ll get back to you with our best prices for your business. You can compare them side-by-side, allowing you to swap suppliers at the click of a switch – and what’s more, you can even track the switch in progress when you sign up with us.

We can save your business hundreds of pounds by comparing every major and smaller supplier on the market today.

You just need to tell us a few details including the name of your current suppliers, your contract end date and current tariff, the type of supply and how much electricity or gas your company uses.

If you need help to switch business electricity, we offer an impartial service without obligation, so contact us today.

Saving Costs in Your Business

Switch today and you could see dramatic savings, reducing the costs to your business. The vast majority of companies can save by switching, and our simple form takes minutes to complete in order to show you exactly how much you could save.


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Are you paying too much for business electricity? Business Electric can help you find a better deal. Here is what you need to know.

Businesses throughout the UK know that the high cost of electrici-
ty eats up a good portion of their operating budgets. At Business Electric, we understand the need to cut costs so we are here to help you understand your options. There is a way to significantly lower your business electricity bill and the first thing you should do is compare suppliers for the best tariffs in your area.

We compare hundreds of tariffs within seconds, giving you instant access to great deals. What’s more, could you ask for, you can do everything on the web! In this way, you can shop providers, pick the tax that is suitable for you and track your switch.

The power is in your grasp. Let us assist you with making large reserve funds on your business electricity.

Comparing electricity prices aids you in taking the right decision

Looking forward to saving electricity bills? You will be happy to know we have helped

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Business Electricity Prices

Business Electric has helped businesses save money on their electricity bills by comparing the tariff rates of every major supplier.

We help you fetch the best tariff rates from every major supplier so that you can see for yourself which suits you the best. We guarantee you could save up to 30% through our Business Electricity Comparison services.

How to find the best business electricity prices in the UK

If you’re looking for the best business electricity prices, there are a number of things you’ll need to consider before signing the virtual dotted line.

The main ones are:

  • The type of tariff you need
  • How much energy your company uses
  • Which suppliers cover your region

Using these details with our business electricity prices checker, you will be able to compare quotes from suppliers to find the best deal – and because we update these on a daily basis, you’ll always be in the know.

What types of business electricity tariffs are there?

Business tariffs  – the way suppliers charge for electricity – tend to be:

  • Fixed: The price stays the same during your contract
  • Variable: The price rises and falls during your contract

Business electricity prices can vary by monthly cost, business size, whether you have online or paper bills and how your energy is sourced.

Considerations for business electricity prices

While you can be crafty and keep checking in on our comparison site, the price of your business electricity tariff will depend on several factors:

  • How big your business is: Energy usage will depend on the size of your premises and the amount of staff using electricity at any one time. A manufacturing plant will obviously use far more energy than a salon with two hairdressers.
  • When you use the majority of electricity. You could benefit by paying less for electricity used in off-peak hours. Off-peak hours are usually between 10pm and 8am.
  • Where your company is located: Your choice of supplier depends on where you are based. This is because not all energy companies offer services in every area.
  • How many sites you have: Your electricity company may offer you a reduced rate if you show you need a multi-site tariff to supply more than one location.

If you have just one site but plan to move soon, you will want a short-term contract. These can vary for new customers from 28 days to nine months.

How to barter for the best business electricity prices in the UK

Unlike domestic energy, you can negotiate prices with business energy suppliers, so be sure to shop around before just letting your existing contract roll over another year.

With a fixed tariff, the amount you pay for each kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity stays the same but you will get tied into contracts of a year or more.

Variable tariffs depend on the wholesale price of energy. These usually work out more expensively.

These include rolling contracts which are automatically renewed, 28-day contracts and deemed rates between contracts. Only consider these types of contracts for short-term use as you may end up paying extortionate fees.

Always use our comparison site to avoid paying hiked up rates when you are offered renewal prices.


The P272 regulation that was agreed back in
October of 2014 has come into effect.

for the Best Rates

Many of our business customers have found that by doing a quick and easy online comparison, they were able to cut their bill by £100’s each year. Not all suppliers offer the same rates when it comes to business electricity deals, so it is important to see what each has to offer – and which tariff is best for your commercial property.

Suppliers in Your
Part of the Country

Being in business, you’ll know that suppliers only service certain areas. However, it’s important to remember that there is more than one
business electricity supplier where you are. and it is in your business’ best interest to see what each has to offer.

Also, your choices are not limited to the Big Six. They may be the most well-known, but they are not the only fish in the sea! Business Electric will help you compare rates between several suppliers that offer the best rates for your business.

From small enterprises to large corporate ventures, we know that every penny saved is a penny earned. Let us help you cut costs in order to build up your bottom line. Within just a few minutes you could find a supplier that offers rates considerably lower than you now pay.

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The price of gas and electric for businesses per unit is similar to domestic use. However, businesses must pay 20% VAT while residential customers only pay 5%. Companies also have to pay for ‘green taxes’ including the the Climate Change Levy (CCL)

If you were able to purchase electricity directly from generating companies you’d expect to pay a much lower rate. But most of us purchase through electricity or gas suppliers – and this is where prices get bumped up.

Business electricity rates are forever fluctuating for unit prices per kWh and let’s not forget that a standing charge is added. So, while the offer of a low rate is always tempting, the daily charge will be higher resulting in an annual bill of around the same amount.

What are the average business electricity rates (kWh)?

Rates can vary depending on the business type, for example, a salon would be using straighteners and hairdryers all day, while a newsagent may just use lights and an electric till.

For a small business using between 15,000 and 25,000 kWh of electricity per year, the national electricity price is 14.40p, ranging from 13.86p to 15.60p by region.

How much is small business electricity?

This is an example of an average UK business, to demonstrate how your bill is compiled and how much your business electricity is per kWh.

  • Annual consumption – 14,000 kWh
  • Unit price per kWh – 15p
  • Daily standing charge – 29p per day

Using the figures above, the business gets charged £105.85 for the standing charge (365 days x 0.29) plus £2,100 for the electricity used (14,000 x 0.15). The bill here would be £2,205.86. But VAT and Climate Change Levy are then added on top.

Contract lengths and costs

The table below, taken from one of the Big 6 energy suppliers, demonstrates how much business electricity is per kWh. The unit prices and standing charges can vary by contract length.

What factors affect prices?

Those who use more energy, such as manufacturers, will pay a much lower rate due to higher consumption. But daily standing charges tend to make bills average out.

The type of business you own dictates the consumption usage patterns during the week. Not all businesses work 9-5 on weekdays. Those working weekends pay different rates than during the day.

Your current energy provider may be the most expensive on the market but you won’t know unless you do a price comparison through our checker tool so see if you really are on the best business electricity rates for your business.

Region also affects business energy rates. Scotland’s prices are very high for the UK, while the Midlands has some of the lowest.

Business Electric FAQs

How much electricity do businesses use?

Obviously the answer to this varies on the size of the business. The average gas/electric usage in the UK is:

Microbusiness: 10 000 kWh per year / 5,000 – 15,000kWh
Small businesses: 25 000 kWh per year / 15,000-30,000 kWh
Medium businesses: 45 000 kWh per year / 30,000 – 50,000 kWh

What are the best rates for business electricity?

If you want to find the cheapest energy rate for your business, you need to compare suppliers. The best way to do that, is to check our instant comparison engine for a huge range of deals.
You’ll find offers based on your location and your current bill, from the major gas and electric suppliers along with some independent providers.

Why should I switch my business energy supplier?

With costs of gas and electricity constantly fluctuating, keeping an eye on your business finances should be a regular occurrence. You should be on the lookout for the cheapest tariffs to help save your company the most money – and that’s where we come in.

Our energy comparison tool will compare the ‘Big 6’  along with smaller energy providers to help you find the best rate.

How much could I save on my energy bill if I switch with Business Electric?

The amount you can save depends on where you are, your current bill and typical fluctuations in market unit costs. Business Electric will find the best tariffs so you don’t have to.

Our average customer saves around a third of their typical energy bill through our Business Electricity Comparison Services.

Can I switch my business energy online?

Here at Business Electric, switching your business energy can be done quickly and easily online. You can also call our team for advice on 0800 0584648 or request a callback.

How long does it take to switch business energy suppliers?

The switching process depends on when your current contract with your existing provider ends. But don’t worry – here at Business Electric, we do all the negotiating between suppliers and keep you up-dated every step of the way.

Do businesses pay more for electricity?

Naturally businesses have employees and so they are bound to use much more power, lighting and energy on everyday tasks than a homeowner.

Every business has different demands. This is determined by the industry, number of employees, location and more. Therefore it’s much harder to determine a one-tariff-suits-all.

Commercial energy quotes are tailored to individual businesses. Therefore the rates offered to domestic customers will be different. There are no dual fuel options for businesses – so to get the best individual deals, ring our team here on 0800 058 4648.

How can I make my business more energy-efficient?

Using outdated equipment and leaving lights or heating on for several hours at a time, can cause a surge in energy use. Consider gadgets like timers for radiators and lights or investing in some new monitors.

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