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Octopus Energy has become one of the biggest and most successful energy companies in the UK in recent years. It is constantly outperforming its big competitors. It has taken over struggling competitors like Engie UK and Bulb. In December last year it confirmed the acquisition of Shell Energy.

The company has become known for its fair pricing and outstanding customer service for business electricity. Let’s take a look in a bit more detail:


Octopus Energy is known for its transparent and customer-friendly tariff structures, providing businesses with options tailored to their unique energy needs. Some key Octopus Energy business tariffs include:

  • Fixed Tariffs

Octopus Energy offers fixed tariffs that provide businesses with cost predictability over a specific period. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses seeking budget stability and protection against market fluctuations.

  • Flexible Contracts

Recognising the diverse energy requirements of businesses, Octopus Energy offers flexible contracts. This allows businesses to adjust their energy plans based on changing needs, promoting adaptability and cost optimisation.

  • Time-of-Use Tariffs

Octopus Energy provides time-of-use tariffs, enabling businesses to capitalise on lower energy rates during off-peak hours. Companies can shift their use of electricity to the times they need it and the Octopus system will help them to predict that over a 24 hour period. This flexibility supports businesses in managing energy costs more effectively.

Commitment to Sustainable Energy

Octopus Energy stands out for its unwavering commitment to sustainability and renewable energy sources. It even allows companies to choose where their energy comes from – solar or wind, and which farms they want it to come from.

Octopus Energy is a trailblazer in promoting renewable energy, with a strong emphasis on wind and solar power. The company has consistently increased its investment in renewable projects, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions in the energy sector.

  • Green Tariffs and Certification

Octopus Energy offers green tariffs that allow businesses to support renewable energy generation directly. Additionally, the company is certified as a carbon-neutral energy supplier, emphasising its dedication to environmental responsibility.

  • Innovative Energy Solutions

Octopus Energy actively explores innovative energy solutions, including smart grids and demand response programmes. These initiatives align with the company’s broader goal of fostering a sustainable and efficient energy ecosystem.

Small to medium businesses can benefit from the use of solar energy and then making money by selling any unused energy back to the grid. This particular product is a trailblazer and businesses are helping Octopus to shape how the industry leading technology they are using to deliver this service evolves.

Octopus has set up a system that allows companies who have multiple offices or sites to share any energy they create across all locations.

There is even an option where businesses can keep their current supplier, but export electricity through Octopus.

Customers can actually choose which sites they want their energy to come from – a wind farm in West Yorkshire or solar farms in Anglesey, Nottinghamshire, the Isle of Wight or Devon.

Quality Customer Service

Customer service is a cornerstone of Octopus Energy’s business model, with a focus on providing a positive experience for its customers. Key features of Octopus Energy’s customer service include:

  • Responsive Support Teams

Octopus Energy prides itself on having responsive and knowledgeable customer support teams. Businesses can access assistance for account management, billing enquiries, and any issues related to their energy supply.

  • Online Account Management

Octopus Energy offers an intuitive online portal, allowing businesses to manage their accounts efficiently. This includes access to billing information, consumption data, and the ability to make account adjustments, enhancing the overall customer experience.

  • Transparent Communication

Octopus Energy maintains transparency in its communication with customers. In the event of service disruptions or changes, the company aims to keep businesses informed promptly to minimize any impact on operations.

Choosing Octopus Energy as a business energy supplier offers businesses a range of benefits, including transparent tariff structures, a strong commitment to sustainable energy, and quality customer service.

The company’s focus on renewable energy sources, innovative solutions, and customer satisfaction positions it as a forward-thinking and responsible energy partner. But the company admits that some of their projects are work in progress and ask companies to be aware of that. This is where businesses have to weigh up whether they want to be part of the forefront of eco-friendly energy projects wtih a forward thinking energy supplier that may have some glitches along the way. But there is no denying, Octopus are no longer a small rival in the energy supplier market, they have established themselves as one of the big guns.

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