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Most businesses regardless of size, have an environmental policy regarding efforts to limit their energy consumption.

Corporate energy management ensures this mission can be sustainable across the whole business.

By cutting down energy consumption, you can expect to greatly reduce costs, resulting in lower bills and more cash saved for your business.

Make small changes for big benefits

A small change like replacing those annoying, flickering fluorescent lights with LEDs can cut energy consumption by 80 per cent.

Every office can make changes like these to reap significant benefits. Even the smallest things like switching off heating overnight while no one is in the office and not leaving windows open while heating is on, can make big differences.

Adjusting the thermostat by one degree saves hundreds on annual energy bills.

Employ a corporate energy manager

A person should be at the forefront of the company to represent the business on all things energy-related. Their main responsibility is to make sure the company makes savings and that all possible initiatives to save energy are implemented.

They should also manage the energy portfolio and procurement process, monitoring how efficiently energy is used and getting staff involved with energy-saving plans.

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