Data Collector and Data Aggregator Metering Services

Streamlining Data Collection and Aggregation Processes

With data collector and data aggregator metering services, you can gain a precise understanding of your business’s energy usage. These services help you monitor and track your energy consumption accurately, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about energy usage. By using these services, you can identify areas where you can reduce your energy consumption and save money on your energy bills. Additionally, these services can help you optimise your energy usage, ensuring that you are using energy efficiently and reducing your carbon footprint.

What is the role of a Half-Hourly Data Collector and Data Aggregator?

If you have a half-hourly metering system, your supplier will appoint a Data Collector (DC) to retrieve and validate your metering data. The DC is an accredited organisation that forwards the validated data to the Data Aggregator (DA). The DA is also an accredited organisation, appointed by the supplier to aggregate consumption from half-hourly Data Collectors. The aggregated data is then used for billing purposes.

While it is typical for the DC and DA to be the same company, it is not a requirement. The DC may be appointed by the customer but must always be accredited and contracted to the customer’s supplier. The role of the DC and DA is crucial in ensuring accurate billing and consumption data for half-hourly metering systems.

Here are some key responsibilities of the DC and DA:

Data Collector (DC):

    • Retrieve and validate metering data
    • Forward validated data to the Data Aggregator
    • Ensure data is accurate and complete
    • Maintain accreditation and contract with supplier

Data Aggregator (DA):

    • Aggregate consumption data from half-hourly Data Collectors
    • Validate aggregated data for billing purposes
    • Ensure data is accurate and complete
    • Maintain accreditation and contract with supplier

Overall, the role of the DC and DA is to ensure that half-hourly metering data is collected, validated, and aggregated accurately and efficiently.

Data Collection & Data Aggregator FAQs

Who needs a DC?

If you have a half hourly metering supply, you will need a Data Collector (DC) in place. Failure to have a DC will result in your energy supplier applying a default DC.

Why do you need a DC?

The DC is responsible for collecting and processing your electricity data, and transferring it to your Data Aggregator (DA) and electricity supplier.

Who needs a DA?

All half hourly supplies require a DA, which is mandatory for your electricity supply. However, your energy supplier may not provide one. If you don’t have your own DA set up, a default DA will be given to you.

Why do you need a DA?

The DA is responsible for aggregating your metered data in accordance with industry standards.

Why is this data so important for saving your business money?

Good quality data is essential for managing your energy consumption and ensuring that you only pay for what you use. With accurate data, you can identify areas where you can save energy and reduce costs.

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