Pozitive Energy Out of Contract and Deemed Rates

Pozitive Energy out of contract rates are:

Pozitive Energy

But why choose fixed rates over out of contract rates?

Fixed rates, such as those offered by Pozitive Energy, are designed to provide stability, cost savings, and peace of mind. By locking in your prices and terms for a specific period, like 1, 2, 3 and 4 years, you can accurately budget and forecast your energy costs. Unlike out-of-contract rates, fixed rates shield you from hidden fees or sudden price increases, ensuring transparency in energy expenses.

Variable And Deemed Prices For Electricity & Gas Meters (Effective from 1st April 2023 – today)

Supplier change their our of contract rates usually every quarter of the year. Before the above out of Contract prices were implemented, the rates were(01/03/2023) are as follows:

Electric – 58p/kWh and £1.50 per Day Standing Charge

Gas – 15 p/kWh and £1.50 per Day Standing Charge

Out-of-contract or deemed rates are what energy suppliers charge businesses when a fixed-term energy contract comes to an end, and they haven’t renewed or switched to another deal.  

If you have been on out-of-contract / deemed rates for a prolonged period we can negotiate your final bill down for you and switch or renew contracts within six days (during which you would remain on our of-contract rates).

We also have the option of back-dating contracts with a few suppliers. Consequently, this would result in further discounts when contacting the supplier.

Business Electric are always fighting your corner to ensure you are not overbilled for your energy on out of contract rates; get in touch today so we can reduce the time on out of contract / deemed prices.

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