3 Phase Electricity Meters

3-Phase Electricity Meter Installations

If your business or multi-occupancy residential property requires a high load demand or the installation of more than one electricity meter, our team at Business Electric can assist you with 3-phase electricity meter installations. We can secure you quotes on a range of electricity services, including the installation of 3-phase electricity connections and meters to various types of properties.

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Single-Phase or 3-Phase Electricity Supply

For a small business with low electrical usage, a single-phase electricity supply is typically sufficient. A single-phase installation is designed to handle a lower safe load capacity and is ideal for businesses that are not drawing much current through the mains.

With a single-phase meter installation, you can measure the electrical consumption in Kilowatts per Hour (kWh). Typically, a single-phase supply will have one meter or a few smaller meters. The meter has cables which are wired directly into it.

3-Phase Electricity Supply

A 3-phase electricity supply is suitable for larger businesses with high-level electrical usage. It is especially useful for businesses that require smaller, less expensive wiring and lower voltages, making it far safer and less expensive to run within a commercial environment.

The 3-phase supply is becoming increasingly popular for businesses with higher energy requirements, such as data centres. It is highly efficient, with machinery and equipment specifically designed to run this type of supply.

With a 3-phase meter installation, you can measure the electrical consumption in Kilowatts per Hour (kWh). Typically, a 3-phase supply will have up to three meters or a single large meter. The meter has cables which are wired directly into it. Since 3-phase electricity meters are more powerful than single-phase meters, they are ideally suited for large, commercial buildings.

In summary, the choice between a single-phase or 3-phase electricity supply depends on the size and electrical usage of your business. A single-phase supply is suitable for small businesses, while a 3-phase supply is ideal for larger businesses with higher energy requirements.

Site Visits and Investigations

Our team can arrange for expert engineers to conduct a thorough site investigation before any work begins. This process is designed to minimize disruption to your operations.

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