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As one of the Big Six, E.ON (known as Powergen in the past) is estimated as the third largest of power suppliers in the UK behind British Gas and EDF Energy. Whilst there are a number of regular tariffs available, we at Business Electric have heard that many consumers have problems understanding the exact details and the differences between them.

We pride ourselves on providing accurate and impartial information to businesses when comparing energy suppliers and their tariffs; including E.On for businesses. In an effort to keep our visitors apprised of any information that might affect their decision when comparing rates, it is our obligation to talk about the facts!

Misleading Facts and Complex Tariffs

You may have read that in May of last year, E.ON was found guilty of mis-selling tariffs and ordered to pay reparation to the tune of £12 million. We are stressing this because of the complexity of their energy deals.

We feel that much of this could have been avoided if prospective customers had gone through electricity comparison sites such as ours here at Business Electric. It is our job to help you find the best rates and to also help you understand what the quote entails in order for you to be in a clear stance on your company’s finances and utility bills.

Can E.ON Be Trusted?

Many people asking for comparison quotes are asking if E.ON can be trusted because of all the bad press they received. Our answer to this question is quite simple. With the help of energy consultants who can thoroughly explain all of the financial details of an E.ON tariff, there should not be a problem because they do honour the tariffs that are contracted.

Again, the problem appears to be that people were buying E.ON business electricity whilst they didn’t really understand the conditions. We can help you understand what you are looking at so you make an educated and well-informed decision when choosing an energy supplier.

What Does E.ON Have to Offer Businesses?

All it takes is looking at the business energy tariffs offered by E.ON to understand how so many people can get confused. E.ON business electricity has two basic business plans, those for large enterprises and those for SMEs. Here is a very basic breakdown of what constitutes large or small-to-medium.

E.ON for Large Businesses

  • Spends more than £25,000 with electricity
  • consumption greater than 1GWh
  • Spends more than £15,000 with electricity
  • consumption greater than 1.5GWh
  • More than 20 sites
  • Half-hourly Meters

E.ON for Small to Medium (SME) Businesses

  • Spends less than £25,000 with energy consumption less than 1GWh
  • Spends less than £15,000 with energy consumption less than 1.5GWh
  • Fewer than 20 sites
  • No half-hourly meters

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