Business Gas Meter Relocation

Commercial Gas Meter Relocation

Move and Relocate Gas Meters within the Property

If you need to move your gas meter, whether it’s for industrial or private purposes, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, making it easy and hassle-free. We understand the importance of having your gas meter in the right location, and we’re here to help you relocate it to the best possible spot. Contact us today to get started.

Commercial Gas Meter Disconnection

Safely Disconnect Gas Meters on a Temporary or Permanent Basis

If you have a gas meter that you no longer require in your business premises, it is important to have it disconnected from the network. However, it is crucial that this work is carried out by a qualified and authorised professional.

There are several reasons why you may need to disconnect your gas meter, including onsite construction work, the meter being in the wrong location, or decommissioning utilities for property demolition. Whatever your reason, we will make sure you have a team of experienced engineers who can safely disconnect the gas supply from the mains to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

In the case of a property demolition, it is essential that the gas is safely disconnected from the mains supply to prevent any danger to contractors, nearby buildings, and people. The engineers will cut off all identified supplies and provide a disconnection certificate to approve the safety of the redevelopment. To receive a quotation, you will need to provide a plot showing the meter location and where the gas is to be cut off.

To ensure the safety of your premises and everyone involved, it is vital that you do not attempt to disconnect your gas meter yourself.

How much does a new gas meter cost?

The cost of a new gas meter varies depending on the specific needs of your site. Our team of energy experts will provide you with a no-obligation quote that covers all of your utility requirements. We are committed to providing high-quality meters that are delivered on time and within your budget. Contact us today to discuss your gas meter needs and receive a fast and free quote.

How to Apply for Gas Meter Relocation

To move your gas meter, you can apply for a re-fitting and re-linking of the inner copper pipeline. This is necessary if the inner copper line is within two meters of your gas meter’s new location. To apply, contact your gas supplier and provide them with the necessary information, including the new location of the gas meter and the reason for the relocation.

Is Moving a Gas Meter Easy?

Moving a gas meter can be a complex process that requires the help of energy experts. However, with their guidance, the process can be made straightforward for you. They will manage all relevant companies on your behalf to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

How long will it take to relocate your gas meter?

The time it takes to move your gas meter will vary depending on the complexity of the project. The standard timescale for completion is typically 6-12 weeks. However,  each job is unique and requires a bespoke approach.

To begin, your dedicated account manager will work with you and all involved parties to arrange a suitable time for the work to commence. Once a date has been agreed upon, you will receive a full plan, including times and details of the process and any disruption so you can plan around it accordingly.

If you would like help finding a supplier for gas meter relocation, then please reach out to the Business Electric team for more informaton.


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