Opus Energy Business Electricity

Opus Energy is a key player in the UK energy market and has been providing tailored energy solutions to businesses since 2002. The company is being rated in the top 10 energy companies in the UK and prides itself on service and providing sustainable energy for business electricity.


Opus Energy offers a range of business tariffs designed to meet the unique needs of various organisations.  They will tailor the contract specifically to your needs, from month-on-month fixed certainty agreements to complete flexiblity. At Business Electric, we will help you to understand the specific tariff options available to ensure they are looking at cost-effective and flexible energy solutions.

Some key Opus Energy business tariffs include:

  • Fixed Tariffs

Opus Energy provides businesses with fixed-rate tariffs, allowing them to lock in a stable energy price for a specified duration. This can be advantageous for businesses seeking budget predictability and protection against market fluctuations.

  • Flexible Contracts

Recognising the diverse energy requirements of businesses, Opus Energy offers flexible contracts. This allows businesses to adjust their energy plans based on changing needs, providing adaptability to varying operational patterns.

  • Variable Tariffs

Opus Energy offers variable tariffs that may be suitable for a business with fluctuating energy consumption. This flexibility allows businesses to benefit from market price variations, potentially optimising costs during periods of lower demand.

  • Sustainable Tariffs

Opus will give companies the option of their sustainable tariffs too, so they can source their energy from renewable sources.

Opus state that the actual cost of energy makes up 60% of the bill. Other costs are non-commodity charges. These are charges and levies from third parties. They range from the cost of delivering your electricity meter, to renewable energy schemes, such as the Feed-in Tariff.

Commitment to Sustainable Energy

Opus Energy places a significant emphasis on sustainability, aligning its operations with environmentally conscious practices. Specifics about Opus Energy’s commitment to sustainable energy include:

  • Renewable Energy Sources

Opus Energy actively invests in renewable energy sources, including wind and solar power. By incorporating clean energy into its portfolio, Opus Energy contributes to reducing the carbon footprint associated with energy consumption.

  • Green Energy Tariffs

Opus Energy provides green energy tariffs that enable businesses to support renewable energy generation directly. These tariffs allow organizations to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and contribute to the growth of clean energy in the UK.

  • Carbon Reduction Initiatives

Opus Energy engages in carbon reduction initiatives, both internally and in collaboration with its business customers. This commitment reflects the company’s dedication to minimizing environmental impact and supporting the transition to a low-carbon future.

Smart Meters

Like many other companies, Opus offers Smart Meters for companies to help manage their energy usage. This allows you to review your consumption data right down to 30 minute intervals, which means you can make changes to how you consume your energy in real time.

Quality Customer Service

The quality of customer service is a critical aspect of any business relationship, and Opus Energy prides itself on providing a positive and responsive experience. It scores 4.4 out of 5 on Trust Pilot.

  • Dedicated Account Management
    Opus Energy offers dedicated account management services for businesses, recognising the unique needs of commercial customers. This includes personalised support for billing enquiries, account adjustments, and addressing any issues related to the energy supply.
  • Online Account Management
    Opus Energy provides an online platform that enables businesses to manage their accounts efficiently. This includes access to consumption data, billing information, and the ability to make adjustments, offering businesses greater control and transparency.
  • Proactive Communication

Opus Energy prioritises proactive communication with its business customers. In the event of service disruptions or changes, the company aims to keep businesses informed promptly to minimize any potential impact on operations.

The company emerges as a viable and responsible choice for businesses seeking a committed energy partner. With up-to-date tariffs, a dedication to sustainable energy practices, and a focus on quality customer service, Opus Energy provides businesses with a reliable and comprehensive energy solution.

Our main purpose is always to ensure that our business customers get the best rates available to them with the best terms, and provide businesses with the best tariff for their needs. And many of our customers are getting 60% in savings with help from Business Electric.

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