Compare Business Electricity Rates for Large Businesses

If your company uses more than 55,000 kWh of electricity or 200,000kWh of gas per annum, you’re considered a large business and this inevitably means much bigger bills than SMEs. 

These businesses may operate from one than one site, have many staff or a lot of machinery to operate.

If you’re interested in the best deals on business energy for large business, read on.

Does my business need a half-hourly (HH) meter?

Half hourly metering is designed especially for business premises as readings are automated, saving you both time and money.

These meters send a reading every half hour to your supplier to allow the most accurate bill to be compiled.

If your company uses 100kW of energy per hour then you must have this meter fitted as a legal requirement.

Considerations for large businesses

  • Multi-site energy contracts – If you have more than one site, look for a multi-site deal which means one bill for your whole company rather than several different bills, which can be confusing.
  • Peak demand – As demand for energy rises, so do prices. This is because energy suppliers charge more for use during busy times. As a large business you may be able to land a deal cheaper rates through your high-consumption.
  • Maximum Daily Quantity  – There is a maximum amount of energy your business can receive on any one day from the National Grid or local distributor’s supply point. Your usage is limited to this maximum daily demand, and you could be charged a penalty if you go over it. Some large businesses may qualify for a large supply point to get more energy.

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