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OVO has been outperforming the so-called ‘big six’ business energy suppliers and is only second to Octopus Energy in recent years. It actually bought out SSE, one of the ‘big six’ in 2020, so this essentially made it one of the ‘big six’ by default. 

The Bristol-based company prides itself on fair pricing, sustainability, and reliability. It has committed to be a zero carbon company by 2036. Its rise in popularity has come with it promise to provide cheaper and greener energy solutions and great customer service.

Ovo Energy is British-owned, by Imagination Industries. Their electricity supplies come from wind farms in Gloucestershire and North Wales, and burning land fill gas.

OVO does well with customer review, getting ratings of 4.3 out of 5 on Trustpilot.

The company has recently handed over its business energy customers to a business specialist called Clear Business. Business electricity customers are still under the umbrella of OVO, but with business specialists guiding them.


OVO Energy offers a range of business tariffs designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. Understanding the specifics of available tariffs is essential for businesses seeking cost-effective and flexible energy solutions and that is something Business Electric can its customers with – navigating the finer detail to make sure the offer is what a specific business really needs from its energy supplier.  OVO Energy business tariffs include:

  • Fixed Rate Tariffs
    OVO Energy provides businesses with fixed-rate tariffs, allowing them to lock in a stable energy price for either 12 or 24 months. This offers businesses budget predictability and protection against market fluctuations.
  • Flexible Contracts
    Recognising the dynamic energy needs of businesses, OVO Energy offers flexible contracts. This enables businesses to adjust their energy plans based on changing requirements, promoting adaptability and cost optimisation.
  • Smart Meters and Real-time Data
    The company encourages the use of smart meters, providing businesses with real-time insights into their energy consumption. This data empowers businesses to make informed decisions about the timing of their energy usage, potentially leading to efficiency gains and cost savings.

Commitment to Sustainable Energy

Since 2009, OVO Energy has planted more than one million trees and launched what they call Plan Zero – their plan for sustainable energy for all.

The company has committed to plant one million trees a year in schools and communities around the UK and aiming to become a zero carbon company by 2035.

OVO Energy distinguishes itself with a strong commitment to sustainability, reflected in various initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy. Specifics about OVO Energy’s commitment to sustainable energy include:

  • Renewable Energy Focus
    OVO Energy actively invests in renewable energy sources, including wind and solar power. By incorporating clean energy into its portfolio, OVO Energy contributes to reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional energy sources.
  • Carbon Reduction Programmes
    OVO Energy engages in carbon reduction programmess, both internally and in collaboration with its business customers. This commitment aligns with the broader industry goal of achieving a low-carbon and sustainable energy future.
  • Green Energy Tariffs
    OVO Energy offers green energy tariffs specifically designed for businesses looking to support renewable energy generation directly. These tariffs enable businesses to align their energy consumption with environmental responsibility.

Quality Customer Service

Customer service is a pivotal aspect of the OVO Energy experience, with a focus on providing businesses with efficient and responsive support.

Key features of OVO Energy’s customer service include:

  • Dedicated Account Management
    OVO Energy offers dedicated account management services for businesses, acknowledging the unique needs of commercial customers. This includes personalised support for billing enquiries, account adjustments, and addressing any issues related to the energy supply.
  • Online Account Management
    OVO Energy provides an intuitive online platform, allowing businesses to manage their accounts efficiently. This includes access to consumption data, billing information, and the ability to make adjustments, offering businesses greater control and transparency.
  • Proactive Communication
    OVO Energy prioritises proactive communication with its business customers. In the event of service disruptions or changes, the company aims to keep businesses informed promptly to minimise any potential impact on operations.

OVO Energy or Clear Business emerges as a commendable choice for businesses seeking a reliable, sustainable, and customer-centric electric supplier. With up-to-date tariffs, a robust commitment to sustainable energy practices, and quality customer service, OVO Energy and Clear Business provide companies with a comprehensive and forward-thinking energy solution, and they are reputable competitors to some of the more recognised names in the sector.

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