Scottish Power Business Electricity

Not only is Scottish Power one of the Big Six business electricity providers in the UK, but it is actually a part of the Spanish concern, the Iberdrola Group that is among the top five energy companies in the world.

Established in 1990, Scottish Power was originally a state-owned utility. It underwent privatisation in 1991.

As a leader in renewables, Scottish Power is known for its focus on greener, cleaner and more cost-effective sources of energy and offers businesses in the UK sustainable electricity resources for their commercial properties.

At Business Electric, we know that UK companies want to do their part in lowering carbon emissions, so we do look at business tariffs provided by Scottish Power when comparing rates for your company. We have been found to save our customers up to 60% on their business electricity bills – you could be next.

One of the benefits of using Scottish Power as a business energy supplier is that it is also a large distribution network operator (DNO).

Many other suppliers simply supply energy, whereas Scottish Power runs the infrastructure that carries power to homes and businesses in Southern and Central Scotland, Wales and Merseyside, making them a great contender when finalising your Scottish Power business electricity tariff.

Business Energy Costs

At Business Electric, we look at the three basic tariffs available at Scottish Power. These include:

  • Fixed – All businesses can take advantage of fixed rate prices.
  • Variable – Available to business customers consuming 1GWh or higher
  • Flexible – Available to business customers consuming 10GWh or higher

All businesses, large and small, have the opportunity to lock into fixed rates that Scottish Power for Business guarantees for the duration of the contracted tariff.

They also guarantee transparency in pricing other than things which are, of course, beyond their control such as rises in VAT, allowing you to be clear on your business’ utility costs.

Green Energy Commitment

Scottish Power has made significant strides in incorporating renewable energy into its portfolio. The company has invested heavily in wind power with more than 40 wind farms up and running, making substantial contributions to the growth of clean energy in the UK.

The Iberdrola group is a world leader in wind power. Customers who prioritise sustainability will like Scottish Power’s commitment to sustainable energy and can opt for Scottish Power’s green energy tariffs. Scottish Power have also teamed up with the Carbon Trust and have produced a special guide to help businesses become greener.

Smart Meter Integration

Scottish Power actively promotes the use of smart meters, offering customers the opportunity to monitor and manage their energy consumption more efficiently. Smart meters provide real-time data, allowing consumers to make informed decisions about their usage and potentially reduce energy costs. The integration of smart technology aligns with the growing trend of digitalisation in the energy sector. Scottish Power has a dedicated customer support team who help guide customers on how to get the most out of their meters.

Customer Service and Support

The company places a strong emphasis on customer service, aiming to provide a positive experience for its customers. Scottish Power offers various channels for customer support, including online platforms, phone assistance, and in-person services.

Because it is a DNO, it would not be necessary for customers to make lots of calls should something go wrong with the network. If there is an interruption in the supply, it takes one phone call to find out where the problem is and you may also get an estimate as to when the power would be restored.

With smaller suppliers, many businesses just don’t know who to contact if the supply suddenly comes to a halt.

Historical Stability

Scottish Power’s long-standing presence in the energy market signifies a level of historical stability. Over the years, the company has weathered industry changes and economic fluctuations, contributing to its reputation as a reliable energy provider. This stability can be reassuring for customers seeking a trustworthy partner for their energy needs.

Network Reliability

In certain regions, there have been reports of network reliability concerns, including power outages and disruptions. While such issues are not unique to Scottish Power, they can impact the overall reliability of the energy supply, particularly for customers with critical energy-dependent operations.

Market Competition

The energy market in the UK is highly competitive, with numerous suppliers vying for consumer attention. Scottish Power faces stiff competition from both traditional and newer entrants, and consumers may find more attractive deals or incentives with other providers.

Choosing an energy supplier is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration of various factors. Scottish Power, with its diverse range of tariffs, commitment to green energy, and historical stability, presents itself as a viable option. Whether your business is within  Scottish Power’s DNO area or simply within their UK supply network, our business electricity brokers will impartially look at tariffs they have to offer. Our main purpose is to ensure that our business customers get the best rates available to them with the best terms, and provide businesses with the best electric tariff for their needs.

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