Business Electricity Suppliers

Finding a great business electricity supplier that provides your business and/or commercial property with a reliable stream of energy is essential. After all, if you’re receiving an erratic supply and being charged over the odds for your energy usage, you could be wasting money unnecessarily and putting the finances of your company in jeopardy.

That’s why when we retrieve quotes for a commercial energy supply, we take into account the reliability, customer service and tariff cost of each provider. This allows you to look at the quotes with confidence, knowing that each supplier has been vetted and offers a great level of service.

The Big Six

You may have heard about a group of business energy providers called “the Big Six”. This collective term refers to companies that are the oldest and most well-established providers; offering great commercial packages to businesses looking for energy.

One of the most popular business electric providers is E-On, and is also included in the Big Six alongside brands such as nPower, British Gas and SSE. Also included in the bundle is Scottish Power and EDF Energy.

It’s estimated that 90% of residential properties in the UK are using one of these suppliers for their energy supply, although you don’t necessarily have to use the same provider for your home and business premises – it all depends on the rates being offered.

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Smaller business energy suppliers

Because we’re a whole-of-market service, we don’t solely look at the Big Six when contacting business energy suppliers for your tailored quote.

Instead, we take the location of your commercial premises into consideration. This allows us to search for local providers in your area who may be offering cheaper tariffs with better benefits.

Changing supplier

If you’re unhappy with the current energy supply that your business’ property has, you may want to consider changing the business energy supplier that you’re with.

Our team of energy experts are able to do all of the legwork of finding a new and suitable tariff for you. In fact, our previous customers have reported that they’ve saved half a day by using our service; time that can be better-spent elsewhere!

We’re completely impartial and will never push you into one of the business electricity suppliers that we retrieve quotes from. This means that the choice is completely yours – we’re just here to help make the process easier!

To make the switch today and have a look at what you could be saving, head over to our comparison tool. We save our average customer 60% on their annual electricity and heating bills, and you could be next in line to see the savings yourself.

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