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Carbon footprint and energy costs should be major considerations for you if you run your own business.

Your energy bill will depend largely on the size and type of your business, the number of employees and its location. Taking steps to reduce the cost of this bill will make a massive difference to your company’s budget.

Providing regular meter readings each month is a more accurate way for your electricity supplier to bill you for what you have used.

What type of energy rate does my business need?

There are different electricity meters and which you choose depends on your company’s requirements.You should first consider your new energy rate. It’s either:

  • Single – Here you’re charged the same rate for electricity regardless of when your business operates (shops, offices)
  • Two-rate: You’re charged at two different rates – peak and off-peak (restaurants, bars)
  • Three-rate: These offer the same as two-rate but with a third rate for weekends. (pubs, clubs)

What type of meter installations do I need for my business?

Half-hourly  (HH meter)

  • Sends electricity reading down a phone line every 30 minutes
  • Detailed readings
  • Good way to reduce energy use
  • No need for manual readings
  • Any business spending 100kW in energy in any hour of their operation, needs a HH meter by law.

Smart meter

  • Send automated readings to the supplier
  • Upgrade at no cost
  • Bills are accurate as readings automated

How do I get a new meter installed for my business?

If your business doesn’t have a commercial energy supply line, install a new meter a month before the new line is installed.  It can take around three months to have a new line installed if there isn’t one already, and around two weeks to have a new meter installed.

To install a meter you’ll need your Meeting Point Administration Number (MPAN). This will be on your latest energy bill but you can call the supplier for it.

To organise electricity meter installations or to have an existing meter reconnected, speak to your supplier.

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