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Businesses seeking reliable and cost-effective energy suppliers often turn to the Big Six, given their prominent standing in the UK energy market. At Business Electric, we specialise in comparing rates among these major players to determine the best fit for each business’s unique needs.

But the traditional Big Six doesn’t really exist in the same way it has for many year. nPower, one of the leading energy suppliers, has been taken over by E.ON. SSE was taken over by Opus Energy. Despite the takeover, nPower retains its famous branding.

The History of nPower

Established in 2000 under the name Innogy, nPower has evolved to become a significant player in the energy sector. Notably, nPower is a German-owned, UK-based energy supplier involved in the production of electricity derived from coal, oil, natural gas, and renewable energy sources. In 2002, the company underwent a name change to nPower following its acquisition by the German mega-corporation RWE.

Beyond electricity, nPower extends its services to supply gas to businesses across the UK. Understanding the historical evolution of nPower provides businesses with insights into the company’s roots and its journey to becoming a key player in the energy market.

Investing in the UK Energy Infrastructure

Criticism from government bodies is an inherent aspect of the energy industry, and nPower has not been exempt from such scrutiny. Accusations of tax avoidance prompted a response from nPower, asserting that their lower-than-expected profits were a result of significant investments in the UK infrastructure.

An impartial investigation later validated nPower’s claims, highlighting their transparency and commitment to investing more in the UK energy infrastructure than any other member of the Big Six. This noteworthy dedication positions nPower as a commendable business electricity provider, contributing to the stability and growth of the UK energy landscape.

Allegations and Customer Care

The energy industry is no stranger to allegations and controversies, and nPower has faced its fair share. Accusations of mis-selling energy products, particularly through door-to-door sales teams, resulted in a £1.8 million restitution order. Additionally, nPower has been rated the lowest among the leading energy suppliers in terms of customer care.

In response to these challenges, nPower implemented new guidelines and introduced a PDF guide titled “Treating Business Customers Fairly.” This proactive approach demonstrates a commitment to addressing past issues, setting new standards of conduct, and preventing further complaints. Businesses evaluating nPower as a potential provider can take comfort in these efforts to enhance customer relations and avoid future allegations.

nPower for Businesses

nPower’s offerings extend beyond historical context and controversies. For businesses, nPower provides fixed-term contracts for electricity supply, competitive prices, and support for conservation efforts. The presence of a UK-based call centre ensures that any issues with the nPower business electricity supply can be swiftly addressed and this adds a level of trust and reliability for the customer.

The business plans offered by nPower prioritise stability, with no unexpected price rises. Expert energy consultants are available to explain contract terms and usage details, providing businesses with the clarity needed to make informed decisions. Whether a company values flexibility or seeks security in its energy supply, nPower offers tailored business electricity options to meet diverse needs.

Potential Cost Savings

Our experience has shown that businesses can achieve significant savings— up to 60% — by changing their energy and electricity provider. nPower’s business tariffs emerge as a viable option for those looking to optimise costs without compromising on service quality.

As businesses navigate the complex landscape of energy suppliers, the transparent and competitive offerings from nPower position them as company to consider. Though, it is a important to remember that there are a whole range of factors involved in deciding go a new energy supplier to ensure it aligns with a business’ finances, needs and values.

Business Electric is an independent broker that provides businesses with impartial reports on potential energy suppliers that could fit their needs. Companies evaluating their business energy options can rely on our impartial insights to help them make educated decisions aligned with their unique energy requirements.

nPower, with its commitment to transparency, infrastructure investment, and tailored business plans, could be a provider deserving of consideration for many businesses.

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