Curbing Business Energy Usage

Businesses are generally believed to pay as much as 25 cents for each Kw hour of energy that they use. And that’s not a figure that remains the same for long periods. As we all know energy prices are regularly increasing, and not just at the odd point every 5/6 years, in this day and age it can be a yearly occurance. Because of this it’s good business practice to seek out energy alternatives and ways to reduce those bills.

There are two sure fire ways to help cut your business energy bills, 1) ensure your company is using it’s energy in an efficient manner, not being wasteful and 2) make sure you are linked with the cheapest and most cost effective provider of energy in your locality.

One of the main wastes of energy in regard to business usage is when offices/rooms in the building are left un-occupied but fully lit and heated. This is such a simple thing to fix. Ensuring only occupied rooms are being heated, lit and/or air conditioned can save your business a hell of a lot of money.

In Australia businesses have the opportunity to switch between energy suppliers ‘at will’ giving you the freedom to take advantage of the latest benefits and deals companies put in place to entice new customers.

Remember that purchasing your gas AND electricity from the same company can help save you money in the long run. Energy providers generally offer discounts to individuals/businesses looking to utilise both their energy sources from them.

Energy prices only ever rise, it would be incredibly unlikely for them to decrease in price, so signing up for locked-in prices is a brilliant idea as it allows you to stick with a certain price for a prolonged period and cuts down on worrying on your part in regard to any bill increases.

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